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Nantucket Community:

Rose marie samuels & her son

Two years ago Rose Marie Samuels's middle-school-aged son was hit by a car on his bike while crossing a pedestrian crosswalk on Bartlett Road and the person driving the car did not stop and has not to be identified. It was posted on Facebook by a witness that a black twelve-year-old middle school student was hit by a woman in a white BMW while crossing Bartlett Road on Nantucket. Rose Marie's son had to go to the hospital and is still suffering physical and mental pain from this incident. 

Rose Marie tried to contact the local Nantucket Police for 2 years and never once heard back from them. She had to do her own research at the school and the Steamship Authority to try and get justice but was always just told to contact the NPD. 

When Rose Marie went to the Select Board meeting on March 11th, 2020 to ask for help, she was silenced by the board and talked to in a disrespectful way. You can watch the video of Rose Marie speaking at the Select Board meeting and hear the board's response in the video here.

Nantucket Select Board Meeting

[March 11, 2020]

Nantucket Community: 

Wilfred Ikolodo

"People like to say that racism no longer exists, especially on this small, beautiful island we call home. Some like to say the atrocious vandalization of the African Meeting house was not an act of racism, but rather a ‘stupid, ill thought out prank done by some harmless teenagers’. Well, I would like to share with you all some experiences I have had in my 4+ years living here.

Because of the fact that I am from Nigeria, I have had people ask me if I am a scammer. I had one person ask me if ‘scamming is taught in the schools’. I have had people make comments about some of the more frowned upon beliefs and practices that are still in place in the more rural areas of my home country, and ask me if I will be implementing them here. I have been called a monkey by my previous employer, disrespected me multiple times and looked me in the face and said what are you going to do about it Wil... Just the other day, I had somebody who wanted to buy something from me. He made an offer that was too low, and when I declined his offer he stated that he would just come to my house and take it, and called me a Black f***ing n***er, this person is Hispanic.

I know that we all are feeling tense right now. I implore you all to please bot take your anger out on to one another. Every life is important. While the importance of black lives is what is being fought for at the moment, I hope that this brings about the much needed change and acceptance for all races. So, hug your neighbor (well, once social distancing is a thing of the past). Vote for people who support the policy changes that are needed to bring about peace. Donate to organizations that foster love and hope. And, most importantly, be kind. All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter!"